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Crazy Virtual Dice 3D

  • the faster you tap, the faster they clack!

Google Play store link

Made with this thing

This is probably my favorite app I made using Orange Engine, just because of how dumb it is. At one point in its history I got bored and decided to entertain myself by adding stupid features to this thing. See the Play Store description for more on that…


I am releasing this app’s source code* and all* of its assets under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. To find a summary and the full license text, visit this page

* This repo includes code third party code which is not governed by this license. See source repo here for the relevant license.

** The original icons are not included because they’re not mine. In their place I’ve added some quick doodles…

Quick back story

When Blackberry launched their new BB10 OS and smartphone, they ran a developer promotion where they would pay devs $100 for every app they ported to the platform. There was a 48 hour time limit for app submissions after they announced it, and I only had one app, SpinShip…

Being in highschool at the time, that amount seemed like a fortune to me! So I spent those 48 hours creating a bunch of apps/games that I could submit to the play store and then port to BB10 (this includes pretty much all my apps on the store except SpinShip and Spike Roller Live Wallpaper). Maybe not my finest moment, but out of this sprang up my favorite app of all time: Crazy Virtual Dice 3D.

Ironically, this app was denied by Blackberry because it was deemed too simplistic, so I never actually got paid for it…but it still lived on in Android!